Extensive experience with coiled tubing services

Calfrac coiled tubing services are effective for production stimulation, conducting geophysical logging, well clean-outs and more.

Our fleet of coiled tubing equipment provides services from shallow through deep — below 10,000 ft. (3,000 m) true vertical depth, with reel capacities up to 24,000 ft. (7,200 m) for 2 3/8 inches (60.3 mm) coiled tubing — and covers the majority of today’s wells, including long-leg multi-stage fractured horizontals drilled in deep shales and tight sands.

Conventional coiled tubing units are often used together with support equipment to pump nitrogen or acid into wells in order to remove solids and fluids from the wellbore. Coiled tubing units are also used to:

  • Set and remove tools
  • Perforate the wellbore
  • Remove foreign material or damaged tools through fishing operations
  • Perform well abandonment
  • Set siphon or velocity strings
  • Position mill plugs
  • Carry out confirmation runs

Frac through coil

Using coiled tubing equipment is a quick, cost-effective and efficient approach for stimulating zones not requiring extremely high pressures or enormous proppant volume.

Coiled tubing is highly effective when applied to shallower multi-zone vertical well completions, such as natural oil and gas formations, as well as to some horizontal well completions. This methodology perforates and fractures the horizontal leg, using straddle packers mounted on larger-diameter coiled tubing.

High rate annular fracturing

Calfrac-designed coiled tubing strings and associated well control equipment expand the allowable velocities for annular fracturing operations. Pumping rates can be extended to 212 ft.³/min. (6.0 m³/min.) in 4 1/2 inch (114.3 mm) casing with 2 inch (50.8mm) coiled tubing and up to 353 ft.³/min. (10.0 m³/min.) in 5 1/2 inch (139.7 mm) casing with 2 3/8 inch (60.3mm) coiled tubing.


Calfrac’s specially formulated acid blends have wide applications to repair and enhance the performance of producing oil and natural gas wellbores. Acid may also be used to stimulate and improve the performance of disposal wells.

Acid stimulates well productivity in carbonate reservoirs by dissolving portions of the reservoir rock adjacent to the wellbore. Acid projects can be low-rate squeeze treatment or high-rate acid fracture treatment in conjunction with hydraulic fracturing that places proppant into acid-etched channels.